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 Friends, Family, Loved Ones' Opinions of the Fall
Posted by FillardMillmore - 11-22-17 22:25 - 8 comments
I swear I remember browsing a thread that was similar to this on here once, but I can't for the life of me find it - mods feel free to merge if I haven't done my due diligence.

What do your friends, family and loved ones think of ...read more
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 The Fall and The Ashes
Posted by grassydale - 11-21-17 00:42 - 3 comments
Mark E Smith has, as far as we know, no interest in the bourgeois conceit of cricket. But that doesn't mean that many of his listeners aren't excited by the start of the 2017 Ashes.

To celebrate, I've devoted this week's ...read more
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 The Fall Heritage Trail of Greater Manchester
Posted by Pott - 11-17-17 09:23 - 42 comments
Why is there no Fall Heritage Trail of Greater Manchester? They have every other sort of 'heritage trail' so why not a Fall one?

It would be dead easy to do, starting with Elvis Chomsky's Fall map of the World and something he ...read more
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 Brooklyn gigs in Feb
Posted by quantboy - 11-16-17 10:32 - 1 comments
Hi all!....long time fall fan, new to the forum.

I am now going to be in NYC for the rescheduled Brooklyn gigs in Feb....are tickets totally sold out?? Anyone have any ideas on how to get hold of one?

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 Early 90s Fall
Posted by Boz - 11-15-17 16:31 - 5 comments
I just did something I've never done before; I listened to 'The Infotainment Scan' right after 'Code: Selfish'

2 things: 'Code: Selfish' is a stunning record, those early-to-mid 90s LPs are underrated and overl ...read more
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