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 Help Fighting Chaos, I can never seem to beat him.
Posted: Apr 18 2007, 03:00 PM

Skink Worker

Group: Members
Posts: 26
Member No.: 2,218
Joined: 21-September 06

It's hard to say but I can't seem to beat my buddy and his (Broken) Chaos lists. At the start I just figured he was good, but now I'm starting to think it's MY playing style.

He plays Undivided usually but almost always ends up playing Tzeentch with a ridiculous amount of power dice, like 14 or something. He pretty musch uses a huge range of models. He loves his minotaurs...( I use skinks on them and he hates it). He had to get a Shagoth when I bought my giant (for my OnG army). But the worst part seems to be the fact that he always has a tooled up lord that's almost unstoppable.

The best I've ever done against him was make a monster truck type list. I ended up with some CoR, 2 units of skinks and 2 Kroxigor at the end of that game and he just flew around on his little flying disk and zapped me to death.

Ok here's the info you want to hear before giving me a tip or two 'cause I deffinately need it.

-We play 2000 pts usually.
-I have access to all the models. Pretty much the only thing I don't have is a second Stegadon, oh yeah and no TG.
-He only feilded his dragon once and it kicked me butt.
-He enjoys those little demon units that have bound spells (horrors?)
-Uses a Chariot
-Always has a hard groups of knights.
-He uses a large groups of Gors and UnGores to screen.
-And one great big group of Chaos Warriors that have like 3 attacks each with a caster in there. And his caster is usually rock hard too.

I'm not sure if I'm leaving anything out. I use My kroxies and Scar Vets to take out the Chariot and My skinks on his Mino's and My sallies on his gores and UnGores. I guess I'm just asking if I should use a Slann or a Carno. I almost always go for the carno since his Dragon ate my last Slann. Anyway thanks in advance for the tips.
Posted: Apr 18 2007, 04:09 PM

The Returned

Group: RPG Moderators
Posts: 4,111
Member No.: 786
Joined: 17-April 04

From that I can see if you have everything figured out. You're using the right untis against the right units.

As for slann vs carnie I say.... neither. Especially when he's about to bring the dragon. Without the dragon the slann should fare ok. With it he's just a sitting duck. The carnie is meh. If he has the dragon or the disc he will never catch it. If he doesn't there not much stuff that the carnie is good against.

So if teh choice is just between those two I say Slann. But an oldblood is probably better. Either on a cold one to go with the CoR (which are great against chaos) or on foot with the charm (yes I know.. cliché and all but it works).

Since like I said you seem to have who beats who figured out the only thing I can add is that to win you don't have to kill everything. Concentrate on the stuff that threatens you and manouver around the slow stuff (the warriors....). Maybe get a bit more magic defense. Cube of darkness is a nice bet. For +15pts then a normal scroll you can shut a whole phase. Add motoo if you wanna be more sure.

Also you don't mention screamers or furies. This means he has a hard time hunting skinks without magic. Use that. Use them to screen kroxs and set up charges. If a skink unit is in a major position that you can't allow them to flee, make sure you dispel whatever he directs at it. If not let the spell pass.

In fact now that I think of it the dispeling might be where you're failing. Obviously you can't dispel everything. So you have to be very carefully on what you want to dispel. Make sure you know which mages have what and that you know the ranges of the spells so that you don't save dice for a spell then turns out to be out of range.

Other then this I can't really think of anything else....

QUOTE (Staurikosaurus about Andy Hoare as lizardmen general)
Someone should have made this error clear to him by showing him how the stegadon doubles as a suppository
Posted: Apr 18 2007, 04:52 PM

Venerable Kroxigor

Group: Members
Posts: 337
Member No.: 1,613
Joined: 17-March 05

From my experience, saurus warriors tend to do well against chaos warriors if you can get the charge. If not, well the saurus won't be slaughtered. They can usually hold them up long enough for reinforcements to get there, at least they have when i've used them.

Other than that you seem to have it all figured out with the exception of the dragon and disk, which i can't help you on as i've had no experience with either.

"Those who choose security over freedom deserve neither"-Benjamin Franklin
"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." Friedrich Nietzsche
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.-- Albert Camus

user posted image

apparently i kill threads
Posted: Apr 18 2007, 05:47 PM

Saurus Old Blood

Group: Members
Posts: 167
Member No.: 2,368
Joined: 5-March 07

i have played against the legendary 2 headed dragon and killed him with 3 units of skinks (out of 34 skinks 4 were left ). And i was using a slann. try to always face the dragon and if he hit you you can issue a chalenge with your champion.
he can get up to +5 in combat resolution so that is a +6. you should have
3 ranks , outnumber, standard bearer, battle standard and war banner. that 7 so you win by 1.

he runs on a 9.

now you could put a defensive scar vet to challenge with +1 armor save and +4 ward save.

but poison from skinks will get him.

if he does not have a dragon go for lore of metal. it r#$s chaos.
Posted: Apr 19 2007, 02:19 PM

Skink Worker

Group: Members
Posts: 26
Member No.: 2,218
Joined: 21-September 06

Thanks fellas. (persons to be politically correct) We will probably play this weekend between Flames games so I'll let you know how I do. Appreciate the help.
Posted: Apr 19 2007, 06:35 PM

That Wacky Comic Strip Guy

Group: Enhanced Members
Posts: 1,497
Member No.: 448
Joined: 18-December 03

Skinks and Sauruses have served me best against chaos. Skinks can wound even Chaos Knights if you can get enough shots in. It only takes a couple. I would suggest also the Flying Skink of Doom as a character choice. On the charge and properly equiped it can take on even chaos heroes. It is great for attacking those characters sitting inside a unit.

And remember that even if things go badly...at least he doesn't have a hellcannon! biggrin.gif

user posted image

2007 Battle Record

2 Victories 2 Loss 1 Draw

Posted: Apr 20 2007, 02:08 AM

Saurus Scar Veteran

Group: Members
Posts: 134
Member No.: 2,332
Joined: 1-February 07

...at least he doesn't have a hellcannon!

At least we hope... and pray.

Lizardmen results w/d/l 0/0/4
Posted: Apr 21 2007, 02:34 PM

Skink Worker

Group: Members
Posts: 24
Member No.: 450
Joined: 21-December 03

I'd suggest taking the Slann, 2nd Generation and a Scar Vet or two. Put the slann in a unit of Temple Guard (I know you don't have, but proxy with some Saurus) and take two units of saurus with a few skinks and kroxigors to go along with them. From the corner, attack diagonally across the board making sure that the TG unit will be in combat first. Meaning that you will have a counter charge with one of the saurus units at least. Also, have the slann take the Lore of Metal. Take Rule of Burning Iron and try to get Spirit of the Forge as well. Those two spells will take out almost all chaos units plus Burning Iron can target their champions and characters. No more BIG hiters (though big is relative in a chaos army). Also, Transmutation of Lead will help out your army win a few more rounds of combat. Two units of big saurus, one unit of TG with a slann (with Totem of Prophecy, just in case) your army will not break--usually. You'll not often get the charge... but you won't need to either.

This post has been edited by Blackguard on Apr 21 2007, 02:35 PM

[/I]Pillage fist[I] then burn
Posted: Apr 21 2007, 02:37 PM

Skink Warrior

Group: Members
Posts: 48
Member No.: 2,330
Joined: 30-January 07

Every time i have tangled with chaos, the lords go down from a kroxigor charge in almost every game.

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