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 How Do I Delete My Profile
Posted by pump - 06-19-14 08:28 - 0 comments
i dont know where they delete my profile or my account is
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 Rip Mike Shumate
Posted by Interceptor - 05-7-14 11:18 - 2 comments
Some of you might remember me posting this video a year or so ago:

The guy in the video is my friend M more
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 Holy Sh*t, Look Who It Is?
Posted by Jasper - 05-6-14 21:47 - 2 comments
Hey Gang,

How's things? I have not checked out this site in more than a few years it looks like. Just saying hello!

Have not spent much time paintballing... Work and all that... I think the last time I actually play more
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 Pumphaus Designs
Posted by PumpHaus - 04-1-14 14:34 - 4 comments

Wanted to introduce myself and PHD. We are a pump oriented company that will be producing products for the Phantom platform. Just launched a .681 Phantom barrel and sold out of our first run of hitman pump plates for the standard more
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 Starting New To Paintball And New To Pump
Posted by epinema - 02-26-14 04:40 - 15 comments
How suicidal is it to start new to paintball with something like a SC Phantom? Paintball is good but with 100+ rounds in the hopper and semi-auto....where is the fun in that? (by contrast).

At the same time being rofl-stomped isn't t more
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 The Final Countdown!
Posted by Maverick - 02-15-14 13:56 - 4 comments
Hey all,

things are moving fast! if you are planning to attend Pumpers Paradise and havent pre-registered yet, nows the time to get the best prices!

Remember, besides the whole "escape to Florida in winter" more
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 Well Boys, I Think I'm Done
Posted by Interceptor - 02-10-14 21:20 - 7 comments
This has been coming for a while, I've finally decided to hang up my gear. I haven't enjoyed playing for the last couple of years. I've done everything I know of to recapture the magic, stock, pump, high tech, low tech, building copy' more
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 Happy New Year
Posted by Maverick - 01-1-14 12:34 - 1 comments
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Stay Safe, Stay warm, get ready for an OUTSTANDING 2014!

Thank you stopping by and supporting SCP! This starts the 11th year I have had the honor and pleasure of being the "President of the Loone more
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Posted by The Scout - 12-24-13 14:37 - 3 comments
In the interest of bringing some life back to this hallowed ground I thought I'd bring up a new topic that people are usually rather passionate about.

I myself just purchased a 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R. I'm deployed so my buddy back ho more
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 Cci's New Sight
Posted by jolt00 - 12-16-13 06:16 - 6 comments
Click here.

Oh and the new CCI marker the Phantom Revolution.


Is that an echo I he more
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