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 Holy Cow I Think Hes Gonna Make It..
Posted by Maverick - 01-28-15 04:40 - 0 comments
Hey all,

It is shaping up to be a very Busy 2015! In just a few weeks well be hosting Pumpers Paradise, at Battlefield Orlando (feb 21-22) and I hope to see some of you there, because its going to be a blast!

That &qu more
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 Need Some Advice
Posted by Corey_evans114 - 11-26-14 18:37 - 0 comments
Purchaced a 98c Longbow Stock to put on my phantom, just need some advice on what material to use for the bracket to connect the two. Any advice would be great.

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 Played A Few 1v1 After A 7 Year Hiatus
Posted by BiOhAzArD_X - 11-14-14 02:31 - 1 comments
Been a long while since I've paintball, but today a friend and I drove out to Mr. Paintball USA in Escondido, CA and played a few rounds. I had such a great time, even though no one but us was there on a Thursday hah.

My CCI Phantom more
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 Gargoyle V2
Posted by greenmtnphantom - 11-5-14 12:56 - 3 comments
I know as a huge fan of stock class play and an owner of one of the original Gargoyles I'm keeping a close eye on RTR and the information he's putting out about the new version of the gun. Anyone else?

He posted some pictures o more
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 Looking For A T2w Paintball Stock
Posted by Corey_evans114 - 11-3-14 14:09 - 0 comments
Hey all,

Looking to purchace a T2W paintball stock to put on my Phantom Stock class. if anybody has one or could point me in the direction of where to purchace one i would greatly appreciate it...

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 Old School In Or Around Las Vegas
Posted by RowanPaintball - 08-15-14 22:06 - 0 comments
New to the Las Vegas area, looking for some pump or old school players in the area. If you know any one, or any teams, please pass my email.

Thank you,

PS Good Scenario Teams would be good more
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 Want To Start Houston/south Of Houston Stock Group
Posted by BOOSH - 08-3-14 22:37 - 1 comments
I live in Brazoria County and would like to start a Stock Class Group that would play 1-2 times a month. I moved here from Southern California, and that is all I used to play. I'm sure there has to be at least 20 people in the area from Housto more
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 How Do I Delete My Profile
Posted by pump - 06-19-14 08:28 - 0 comments
i dont know where they delete my profile or my account is
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 Rip Mike Shumate
Posted by Interceptor - 05-7-14 11:18 - 2 comments
Some of you might remember me posting this video a year or so ago:

The guy in the video is my friend M more
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 Holy Sh*t, Look Who It Is?
Posted by Jasper - 05-6-14 21:47 - 3 comments
Hey Gang,

How's things? I have not checked out this site in more than a few years it looks like. Just saying hello!

Have not spent much time paintballing... Work and all that... I think the last time I actually play more
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