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Title: Scp Role Call
Description: and food matters

sunfisher89 - July 7, 2010 08:55 PM (GMT)
Who's going to Pump Pandemonium this year?

Of those people going, who's staying at the bunkhouse?

Christine and I are headed up again this year, should be arriving about dinnertime on Friday. Hopefully we can get the double bunk under Trojanman and Noodles again.

Does anyone have any requests for food/drinks? We should probably get a game plan together if we are gonna cook some food for the bunkhouse. My plan right now is to bring a case or two of beer (currently thinking Golden Monkey/Heineken, Smirnoff Ice) and shared it with everyone. As well as the usual snacks I make appear out of my car at random intervals, possibly including Party Mix, Cheeseballs, Doritos, Goldfish, or Pretzels. Other than that I'll be contributing to the treasure chest and hoping someone brings/makes food.

TrojanMan - July 11, 2010 04:53 AM (GMT)
Snacks/beer are always welcome. Food-type food? I don't know. I usually figure that everyone else brings way too much.

I've got some kegs of alcoholic goodness. Five gallons of SCP the Mead are go. I can also bring a keg of dunkelweisen if everyone wants. I might as well bring both just in case. Ice is going to be the big issue, since we'll need it for everything edible/drinkable and it will be HOT.

Bunkhouse should be pretty open and you guys should at least be able to get your bunk.

There is already going to be a LOT of alcohol, so if anyone else really wants to bring something, bring food or money to chip in for food.

This should be a low-key year, but it'll still be a great time, I'm sure. For anyone concerned that the SCP bunkhouse had previously been a bit noisy at night, that has changed significantly. So if you'd rather have a little comfort, go ahead and stop by. For non-passholders, it's still first-come, first-served. We probably will not fill up, but who knows, really.

kevdupuis - July 11, 2010 01:03 PM (GMT)
The wife and I decided to camp this time around so we'll be hitting the price Chopper in Montrose Fri for some grub although Deb's also thinking about doing up some peameal bacon to bring with us.

crazyorigin - July 15, 2010 01:16 PM (GMT)
I don't know if I will be able to make it this year =( I really wish it was the same weekend as the last few years, it is conflicting w/ some other plans I have. I may make it for Sunday.

amhildreth - July 17, 2010 06:43 PM (GMT)
Have a blast, SCP'ers - I sadly have to miss this one. A close friend of mine passed away from a heart attack a few days ago, and I've been helping his wife and daughter set up everything for the service/burial. I hope someone gets lots of pictures.

Jeffy-CanCon - July 19, 2010 04:24 PM (GMT)
I was wondering where you were, Andy. Sorry to hear that.

It was a blast. A nice even game, with the final score 26-24 (I think).

Congratulations and Thanks to Brimstone and Trojanman and everyone else who helped bring it all together. This was without a doubt the best-run Pandemonium yet.

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