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 Hogwart's Elite Duelists, Club Roster and Ranking
Posted: May 23 2009, 10:30 PM

Co-Headmaster, Slytherin HoH
Group Icon

Group: Centaur
Posts: 9,668
Member No.: 569
Joined: 2-June 04

Ranking to be placed here.


This Club will be generally open, meaning you can join the class whenever you wish, but I will require some information about your character, to make orgainizing easier.

Full Name:

Wand information: (size, core, material)
Noteable Unique abilities: Patronus, Animagus, ect. (if animagus is illegal, answer anyway. You won't be in trouble ;) )
Blood: Full blood, half, part demon/vampire/werewolf/whatever, ect.

Additional Notes:

*Note: I ask that you only sign up with one character. Single Tournaments and Double Team Tournaments will be held in a later time, and it would be a bother having you duel yourself.

**Professors may join as well untill members are seperated between advance and inexperienced duelists.

And yeah. If any questions, feel free to post it here, as well. Others may have the same or similar question.

My personal information.
Full Name: Headmaster Ricardo A. Black
House: Ex-Slytherin
Year: Graduate

Wand information: builder unknown, Coldfall wood, 11 1/2, phoenix core.
Notable Unique abilities: Elemental wandless magic. Animagus, that of a green phoenix. Capable of a Patronus, but form refuses to reveal itself. Experiments alot with magic.
Blood: Half-Blood. Mother was of another magical being. Unknown.

Additional Notes: The phoenix core of my wand is from my phoenix, Peaks. Because of this, Peaks is capable of fire-based and healing-based spells when grasping the wand on hand.

Very capable martial artist, so physically fit would be generally noted. Styles include, but are not limited to: Northern Shoalin, Long Fist, Tai Chi, Muy Tai, Praying Mantis, Dragon Claw. Weapons of choice: Dual Katanas, Long Sword, and Bo Staff.
Posted: May 24 2009, 12:17 AM

Ravenclaw Prefect
Group Icon

Group: Ravenclaw Elite
Posts: 3,279
Member No.: 4,540
Joined: 7-June 07

Full Name: Terri Reguim
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 7

Wand information: 10" ebony with dragon heartstring core slightly springy
Noteable Unique abilities: Terri can read minds
Blood: Muggle born

Additional Notes: none that I can think of tight now
Posted: May 28 2009, 02:39 PM

Gryffindor Prefect
Group Icon

Group: Gryffindor Elite
Posts: 3,906
Member No.: 3,490
Joined: 29-March 06

Full Name:Gabrielle Delacour

Wand information: 6" hawthorne with Veela hair core.
Noteable Unique abilities: Gabrielle is able to form a patronus, though has no other special abilities as it were.
Blood: She's half blood with half Veela blood.

Additional Notes: Only that get she first came she was willing to kill her father. So her anger might have to be control. I guess it doesn't really effect dueling that much unless I as the rper chose it to. :)
Pete Best
Posted: May 29 2009, 08:26 PM

Groundskeeper, Slytherin Student
Group Icon

Group: GroundsKeeper
Posts: 1,074
Member No.: 4,773
Joined: 24-August 07

Saaaweet i never saw this topic

Full Name:Pete Best

Wand information:10 in Ivory Bassilisk scale core
Noteable Unique abilities: Patronus, Animagus, ect.)Metamorfamagus (i think thats what its called if not ill fix it later)

Additional Notes:Took morphing to the next level and can change his atomic structure completely
Posted: Jun 2 2009, 11:28 AM

Sixth Year Student
Group Icon

Group: Ravenclaw Elite
Posts: 3,646
Member No.: 1,370
Joined: 16-November 04

Full Name: Zamber Elizabeth Time
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 7

Wand information: A sleek wand of 12inch that is quiet slender. It is made from vine wood and has a core of dragon heartstring.
Notable Unique abilities: Zamber has an Animagus form of a Black Jaguar and a patronus of a Lynx. She can cast some spells without a wand but they are likely to go astray and she can use non verbal spells. She has been known to use some telekinetic ability when all control is lost though this happens rarely. She can also use a sword and a bow and arrow but they would not be much use in a wizards duel.
Blood: Full Blood

Additional Notes: Most of the abilities above are things that she has no recollection of due to a loss of memory but they will come back. She has also done a little duelling before but nothing formal.
Shawn Black
Posted: Jun 14 2009, 12:35 AM

Claudio's Man Crush, Hufflepuff HoH, Charms Professor
Group Icon

Group: Hogwarts Professors
Posts: 3,841
Member No.: 1,613
Joined: 29-January 05

Full Name: Shawn Black
House: (ex)Hufflepuff
Year: Graduate/Teacher

Wand information: 12 inches, Mahogany, heated Dragonscale Core
Noteable Unique abilities: Patronus- giant white tiger, Animagus (unregistered) - Large white wolf, with a large scar over it's eye. Wandless, inaudible magic. Staff acts as a shotgun of a wand (meaning it has 10 times as much power, and unleashes 10 times as much in a spell.)
Blood: Half Cat Demon

Additional Notes: Exceptional with a blade, bow, and hand to hand combat. Heightened senses [smell, sight, hearing] Heightened strength and agility. When in a specific moment [when someones in danger who's close to him, or if he's just pissed off and pumped up full of adrenaline] Shawn sees things in slow motion, and his movement speed is faster, along with his reaction time. (even though they are amazing due to his bloodline [cats always react fast.]) (dragon scale comes from his old dragon, Trythlor, who died at war)
Posted: Jun 14 2009, 12:46 AM

Co-Headmaster, Ravenclaw HoH, Transfiguration Proffessor
Group Icon

Group: Centaur
Posts: 6,937
Member No.: 756
Joined: 25-June 04

Full Name: James Alex Carter
House: Ex-Ravenclaw
Year: Graduate

Wand information: Sakura and Unicorn Hair, 11.5 inches; Olivander

Noteable Unique abilities:

Protonus: Silver Wolf
Animagus: Siberian Husky
Considerably talented in Transfiguration and Charm work.
Blood: Half-Blood Human; wizard father, muggle mother

Additional Notes: Registered Werewolf
Posted: Aug 14 2009, 09:15 AM

Second Year Student
Group Icon

Group: Gryffindor Elite
Posts: 538
Member No.: 4,291
Joined: 10-February 07

Full Name: Ziva Reimer
House: Ex-Ravenclaw
Year: Graduate

Wand information: Blend of maple and pine wood, 11 and 1/4 inches. With a pheonix core.
Noteable Unique abilities: Very fast with a wand. Knows muggle martial arts.

Protonus: A Silver Peregrine Falcon
Blood: Half-Blood Human; muggle father and wizard mother

Additional Notes:
Posted: Sep 4 2009, 10:04 PM

Packing for Wizard School
Group Icon

Group: Ravenclaw Advanced
Posts: 64
Member No.: 7,868
Joined: 19-August 09

Name: Lilac Addams
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 4th

Wand Information: Holly, Unicron Hair, 10 inches; Ollivander
Noteable Unique Abilities: Protonus - eagle; Animagus(unregistered) - snake; can speak Parsletounge(but only uses in in emergencies); her best subjects are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms; also good at hexes.

Blood Status: Half-Blood; father is a Wizard and mother is a Muggle

Additional Notes: Is good with all animals(magical and non-magical). Can tell how anyone is feeling, even when no one else can because they hide it well.
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